Warm Hug (2020)


Bao Bao (Chang Yuan), who has an extraordinary obsession with neatness and planning, originally thinks that he is an insulator of friendship and love. However, after encountering song Wenwen (Li Qin), doctor Jia (Shen Teng) and Wang Weiren (Qiao Shan), who are frank and frank, he puts on a comedy story of a blunder
The film is based on the Korean film “plan man”.

Director: Yuan Chang
Stars: Yuan Chang, Qin Li, Teng Shen
Type: Comedy
Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland
Language: Mandarin
Release date: 2020-12-31 (Chinese mainland)
Length: 112 minutes
Also known as 温暖的抱抱 (2020)
IMDB link: tt13529418

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