Mulan’s heroine(2020)


Mulan’s heroine(2020) Synopsis:

During the Northern Wei Dynasty, Mulan joined the army for her father and returned home with high reputation. Ten years later, Rouran committed the frontier again, and Mulan resolutely returned to the battlefield. In order to save Tuoba Ao, Mulan fell into the enemy’s hands. In prison, Mulan sees through Kunpeng’s trick. Kunpeng kills Khan and blames Mulan. In order to protect the innocent people, Mulan has a decisive battle with Kunpeng. The princess points out that the real murderer is Kunpeng. Kunpeng is killed in the scuffle, and the chaos in the clouds subsides. This film praises peace and national harmony, and shows Hua Mulan’s excellent quality and feelings of family and country, who does not abandon her compatriots and territory.

Director: Lin Yi

Starring: Liu Yongxi / Fu Longfei / ju Lin / Yu Kaining / Li Mingxuan

Type: action / biography / history / war / Costume

Producer countries / regions: Chinese mainland

Language: Mandarin

Release date: 2020-04-17 (Chinese mainland)

Length: 92 minutes

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