Crescendo (2019)


Crescendo (2019) Synopsis:

Directed by Dror Zahavi, Peter simonischek Simonschek), who won the audience choice award at the Santiago Jewish Film Festival, the best German Film Award at the Brandenburg Jewish Film Festival in Berlin, and the audience choice award at the Ludwig Film Festival in Germany, tells the story of young people with musical dreams crossing the gap between faith and nation, understanding and resonance in music. When Edward spork, the world-famous Israeli Symphonic Orchestra, soon took over the storm
The film constantly reminds us of the importance of tolerance, learning mutual understanding and self salvation in the big and small wars. No matter where we come from, no matter what God we believe in, we always have similar hobbies and views, and we all have a desire for a perfect future. Along with the symphony, put down the arms and enjoy a moment of peace.

Director: drole Zahavi
Screenwriter: Art Bernd / Alice Brauner / Stephen grant / Volker Kellner / Marcus rosenmoler / Johannes Rotter / droll Zahavi
Starring: Gorz Otto / Peter simonischek / Daniel Donskoy / Bibiana Berger / Mahdi mescal / more
Production country / region: Germany
Language: German
Release date: January 16, 2020 (Germany)
Length: 102 minutes

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