Das Leben der Anderen (2006)


Das Leben der Anderen (2006) Synopsis:

In East Germany in 984, the whole society was under the high-pressure rule of the national security agency. Agent Weisman (Ulrich Muir) was ordered to monitor the playwright dryman (Sebastian koidge) and his girlfriend actress Christina (Martina jedik) In the process of monitoring, Weisman gradually became interested in the family’s life and began to help them secretly. An article in West Germany’s Der Spiegel caught the attention of the agent’s leaders, who thought it was written by dreyman and arrested Christina in the hope of getting her husband’s secret out of her mouth? It was Weisman who interrogated Christina

Director: Florian Henkel von donasmarck

Screenwriter: Florian Henkel von donasmarck

Starring: Ulrich Mueller / Martina gedek / Sebastian Koch / Ulrich tukul / Thomas timme / more

Type: plot / suspense

Production country / region: Germany

Language: German

Release date: March 23, 2006 (Germany)

137 minutes

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