Werk ohne Autor (2018)


Werk ohne Autor (2018) Synopsis:

The film, starred by Sebastian Koch, Tom Schilling and Paula bell, is based on real events. It tells the story that art student Kurt barnert falls in love with his classmate Ellie seeband, but Ellie’s father Carl seeband doesn’t like him, but their fate is still linked by a terrible crime many years ago. It’s about barnert’s life experience: he fled from East Germany to West Germany

Director: Florian Henkel von donasmarck
Screenwriter: Florian Henkel von donasmarck
Starring: Tom Schilling / Sebastian Koch / Paula bell / Saskia rosendall / Oliver masucci / more
Type: plot
Production country / region: Germany / Italy
Language: German / Russian
Release date: September 4, 2018 (Venice Film Festival) / October 3, 2018 (Germany)
Length: 189 minutes
Also known as never look away / work without author
IMDB link: tt5311542

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