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Sweethearts (2019)

Forced together by fate and an ill-executed diamond robbery, professional criminal Mel and her easily-panicked hostage Franny are in a…

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Deathcember (2019)

A collection of 24 films that take a look at the dark side of the festive season. 24 international directors…

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Berlin Alexanderplatz (2020)

Francis, 30-year-old refugee is the sole survivor of a boat which crossed the Mediterranean illegally from West Africa. When he…

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Clouds of Sils Maria (2014)

Maria (Juliette Binoche) is a very good actor, with the role of “Sigurd” to become famous. In the play, Sigurd…

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Siberia (2020)

An exploration of dream and language Director: Abel FerraraScreenwriter: Abel Ferrara / Chris zoesStarring: William Duffy / Dunia sichoff /…

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Crescendo (2019)

Crescendo (2019) Synopsis: Directed by Dror Zahavi, Peter simonischek Simonschek), who won the audience choice award at the Santiago Jewish…

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Betonrausch (2020)

Betonrausch (2020) Synopsis: The rise and fall of real estate cheats tells the rise and fall of two real estate cheats….

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Das perfekte Geheimnis (2019)(German version)

Das perfekte Geheimnis (2019)(German version) Synopsis: German remake of the Italian film perfect stranger. Director: Bola dagtken Screenwriter: Bola dagtken…

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Das Leben der Anderen (2006)

Das Leben der Anderen (2006) Synopsis: In East Germany in 984, the whole society was under the high-pressure rule of the…

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Manou the Swift (2019)

Manou the Swift (2019) Synopsis: Seagull is always frustrated because of his father’s hard work in learning to fly. Manu is…

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Un día más con vida (2018)

Un día más con vida (2018) Synopsis: Warsaw, 1975. Kapuscinsk, 43, is an outstanding journalist with rich experience and ideals. He…

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Ballon (2018)

Ballon (2018) Synopsis: At the peak of the cold war in 1979, Gunter (David Krauss) and Peter (Friedrich m ü…

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Werk ohne Autor (2018)

Werk ohne Autor (2018) Synopsis: The film, starred by Sebastian Koch, Tom Schilling and Paula bell, is based on real events….

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